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Thread: China HD SITE

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    HDChina It just open recently, a lot of good stuff. The seed is good, and great uploaders. Welcome visit!!!

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    Translate :
    用户名称: - nick
    密  码: - pass
    重复密码: - again pass
    国家/地区: - country
    邮件地址: - email

    我保证会仔细阅读规则页面 - I have read the site rules page.
    我同意阅读完常见问题之后再提出问题 - I agree to read the FAQ before asking questions.
    我已经超过 13 岁 - I am at least 13 years old.

    Someone signup ?

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    Thanks! I hope they have good Cantonese movies there.

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    oO. never heard that there is a chinese tracker. I thought they would always be in forum based. would hope that this tracker has chinese movie in HD as those forums always seems to have RMVB chinse shows. thanks for the tip.
    <img src= border=0 alt= />

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    has anyone else tried? issit reliable?

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    I will try this one .. the speed must to be good.

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    lmao i think the chinese got jealous of hdcorea and made this tracker. Was created a week ago...
    Guess this country:
    -Child porn is legal to possess.
    -Home of lolicon & enjo kosai
    -Subways are littered with "Warning: Perverts lurking" signs
    -Has women only subway cars because of the high sexual assault rates
    -Cartoon child porn is a $6 billion industry
    -90% of child porn on the internet is from this country
    -Ranked equally with Cambodia and Ethiopia for prostitution

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    thanks for the infomation!
    just checked it out... too small and slow fer me yet...
    we'll have to wait and see if it grows... afterall, you can't deny china's the piracy central~!

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    good speed! thx for the information.

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    Btw how can I change chinese to eng?

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