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Thread: Do I Have A Trojan?

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    Hey all.

    I've just formatted my hard drive about a week ago as part of some comp upgrades, and started using PeerGardian along with K++.

    When i came in today and checked it after a few hours, i had over 2500 rejected connections for IRC Spybots, all from the one IP over about 5 mins.

    If it was only a few or a range of IP's, i'd just ignore it and put it down to random internett a**holes port scanning, but with this many attempts concentrated form the same place in such a short time, i began to think?

    Is it likley someone has managed to get something through my firewall and anti-virus in just a week, and they are now trying to connect? Or is even this concentrated an attack just random?


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    im not sure
    No i dont think you have trojan. Peerguardian does many questionable things even though its should be blocking "p2p enemies". Hackers(i serously doubt that p2p enemies are hacking) are not going to be found on a peer guardian list. What firewall do you have?

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    I have Zone alarm Pro (4) running, and f-secure anti-virus.

    Yeah, as i said i'd normally just have put it down to random portscans, and I read the sticky post about PeerGuardian and its questionable blocking, but just because there were so many scans in so little time (2509 in 4 mins) all from the same IP, a few alarm bells started ringing.


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    Well, I guess those are good AVs I hope they are cause u never know because when I first got my comp and didn't know how to use my AV was out of date and then I updated to Norton Antivirus one day I had about fifty trojans on my comp. I couldn't believe it but never again will something like that happen cause I know what I am doing.

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    yeah f-secure is good stuff


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