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Thread: Just The Facts, Please.

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    OK, Let's separate fact from theory.

    Is there anyone out there who has direct knowledge or experience of what happens when the RIAA hassels you?

    How, exactly, does it work?

    Do they just subpeona the person to go to court to testify? Or can they also subpeona the person's computer, too? Or do they need a search warrant to look at your machine?

    What is to prevent the person from erasing all incriminating files from their hard drive (using, of course, a good utility to erase it).

    Or as one poster says (Maphael, thread="Attention: R ur Playlists Being Shared),
    do they just connect to the network like a normal user and download a copyrighted file, and this alone gives them sufficient grounds for legal action? Is Maphael's contention correct?

    Has anyone else besides Digital Jammer (thread="I'm Concern(sic)...How do you stop RIAA...") received a "COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT WARNING"? His/hers came from, not RIAA as stated, although whoever that group is, they share RIAA's viewpoint.
    (Oops, I was in process of writing this when "Landslide" posted that he got a warning also. Anyone else out there get them?)

    Bottom line...does anyone have actual experience and VERIFIABLE FACTS to share?

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    Its all there - the subpoenas - truth - all of it. I am beginning to think this is more built on bullshit than anything else, as the legal guns are starting to respond to the RIAA now. Possible that in the near future - user are going to start suing them, instead of the other way around...

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    I see no reason for this to be closed but if there in fact was a reason, a PM will take care of that. Problem solved.


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