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Thread: K-lite++ Hitlist

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    K-Lite++ HITLIST

    I propose we make a list here of all usernames sharing Fake files.
    If you have/are downloading a file of of a user and it is revealed to be fake then post there username here.

    If we keep this list updated, then it will allow Genuine Kazaa users to have the opportunity to see if the person they are downloading from is known to share fake files.

    This will mean less peope downloading fake files, with all that static shit, of off those Morons at the RIAA and those other companies who are supporting it.

    Lets strike back ..
    Let the K-Lite Hitlist start here.


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    That would be a good idea if usernames were unique... they can change theirs in ten seconds and start sharing fakes again!

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    Yet to be determined
    How about a plug-in for Kazaa++ that would have a database of "fake" files and we could update it week...

    To explain about how it would work more...

    If [x] User's submitted hashes to fake files, then the admin would add the hash to the database, and when the sat day came around everyone would update and it would not pick up the hashes in the search..

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    this sound a good idea i downloaded a film which turned out to be somethink else but how do i change it back to the right name as i still have it on my hard drive i do send users that start to download it telling them it's not what they think it is so how do i change it back ??


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