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Thread: Norton Antivirus 2003 Pro

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    Hey guys, I am back again.

    I recently decided to get ahold of Norton AntiVirus 2003 pro. I downloaded one in the 'excellent' integrity rating to make sure it was complete. Then, I downloaded it and it installed without a hitch. So far it has been working ok, but at every startup I get the message from it 'Norton AntiVirus 2003 could not start the Auto-Protect driver. Please reboot'. Anyone have this program and could tell me whats going on?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Nope, I dont get this probalem,

    1st thing i would do is..reinstall Norton.
    2nd thing, get a different installer (retial is best)
    3rd thing, buy it

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    Can you still use "Live Update" if you haven't bought the software?

    I think I will stick with my Norton AntiVirus 2002 that I bought.

    What is the advantages of having a PRO version?

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    @ Wizzandabe

    1)Did that.
    2)Whats retial?
    3)Too expensive

    Can you give me the file name and/or link of your Norton AntiVirus?

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    search the verifieds sections for a good copy .


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