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Thread: Another S*L Req

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    I usually try to stay away from requesting trackers that are hard to get, but I am on a roll today maybe ill find my way in someway....First of I'd like to point out that i was CLOVER before SCL was, Well why do I want S*L? I can ramble about the community, I can ramble about the packs, but something I think that is understated is what it stands for, something greater then leeching and posting on forums. A small knit-group of people just having a good time, leeching, getting on irc, poking fun, thats what its about, I can't say that I am missing that in any of my trackers but one surely wont hurt, I'm in it for the pleasure of being there and just having a kick-ass time with friends that I know I will make Proofs arent a problem, I dont like picture ones Ill send you direct links, also I want to become an uploader there, I upload on nearly all the sites I am on so speed isnt a problem, I know whats going to be said, contribute to this community and then ask requests, I think I've done a fairly decent job at that, and regardless of what happens here I will continue to help the noobs and the desperate to get where they want to be. kthx

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