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Thread: Rise Of Nations - Problem Loading

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    I got RON, however, whenever I try to load it it gets to 73% then won't load Attack.wav (it says that there is either no room or the file is already in use). I've got no idea, please help.

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    where did yu get it from??

    maybe its corrupt

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    Kazaalite, the only one on there, it's 555 mb.

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    do you know what file size Attack.wav is?
    to find out
    1.Click my computer
    2.Instert your RON disk
    3.Right click the CD drive and click explore
    4.Open need a program such as winzip or winrar)
    5.double click sounds
    6.Look for attack.wav (if its not there email me and ill send it to you)
    If it is there proceed:
    7.extract it to desktop
    8.right click and select propeties
    9.then post back staing the size
    do u have attack.wav?

    please be more specific


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