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Thread: Thumbnail/photo Gallery

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    Good afternoon friends,

    I was wondering if there is such a prgram that can help keep all my pics and graphics at my disposal.

    I do alot of presentations ... with powerpoint and scala. I always use lots of graphics and pics and have them on Cd's, but everytime I want to view a list of pics and graphics I have to put the CD in and then browse ... oftentimes very slow and time consuming.

    Is there a program whereby I can install them into on my HD and then just pic and choose as I browse them from within the prorgram? I literally have thousands and thousands of graphics and pics.

    Any help will be appreciated! Thanks in advance!!!

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    IrfanView will browse folders as thumbs:
    And it can also make a html with thumbnails of all pictures in a folder that can be burned to CD with them, here is a site that shows the steps:

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    Maybe this link can be intresting?


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