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Thread: How To Use Biternet

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    Ok, i wanted to download some Naruto episodes from bitornet but i cant seem to find out how, and when i go to the naruto site where the links are it downloads to a 100% and then sais ther is an error and ant connect, could it be that i set my fire wall to block it, and it its is how do i change it, i got norton

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    Not related to k-lite

    You download and install bittorrent.
    You go to sites with torrents on them and click them.
    Bittorent will automatically start up.
    Sometimes you will run into errors like tracker problems.
    Usually you have to wait it out b/c they usually go away.

    A firewall wouldnt even let bittorrent connect if set
    improperly. If you download got to 100% its not
    a firewall problem

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