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Thread: Bin And Iso With No Cd

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    is there a way to use .bin and .iso files with having to burn them to CD

    also for some reason when i try to burn the Vice City .cue it has an error saying the .bin was not found but i checked it and it is correct.

    o and can you change bin and cue's into iso files

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    See below ;)
    You can mount .bin and .iso files using various program's, the best 2 being Daemon tool's and Alcohol :-)

    The .cue files for GTA Vice City should look something like the following...

    TRACK 01 MODE2/2352
    INDEX 01 00:00:00

    ... just make sure that the part in the brackets ("GTAVC.bin") is the same file name as the .bin file in the folder the .cue file is in, for example...

    You have say - "GTAVC.bin" and "GTAVC.cue" in the same folder, so when you check the name it reffer's to in the .cue file it should be !exactly! the same as the .bin file name (check that the .cue file doesn't specify any path's too as they can cause problems)

    Hope this helps :-)


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