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Thread: "BitTorrent Throttling Company Sandvine"

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    We have all heard of Comcast's secret agenda, well I guess that means its not secret anymore. To continue on this Comcast has a application called sandvine, what sandvine does is ease traffic but not in a good way. The Sandvine system allows Comcast to use forged reset packets into BitTorrent which then seeding is impossible and the free world comes tumbling down in a wave of, well a wave of something.

    Recently the FCC has deemed Comcast to be using Hacker Techniques, to get its own way. What this means for the Sandvine Company and the ISP who have considered or have invested in the System, and thus sales have dropped a WHOPPING 88% in a year. The FCC so far has also said that It will be pulling out all the stops to make Comcast stop using the system, and also went to say they will not allow them to disrupt internet traffic. Well to put it in lamens term the FCC is Pissed.

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    thank God there is still SOME sense left..bandwidth should be the same all around..not faster for one thing and slower for something is that? lol fookin' Commies


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