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Thread: Help With Router.

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    I need some help with my router. It's a ipaq cp-2e and i need help with port fowarding or disabling it's firewall capability. I'm tired of not getting fast downloads because of it. The only feature i want is that it connects 2 computers together and thats all i want it to do. I dont care what else it does. My download speeds quadruple when i don't have the router hooked up.

    I know how to get to my editing options for it. it's cp.home . I just need to know what i do next to get these ports redirecting or forwarding or whatever it means. If at all possible i would like to disable it's firewall capabilities. I know that people may not have experience with my router, but if you ask for any kind of info or want pictures of what i have to edit or such, just ask and i'll make it easy as possible.

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    look through your settings, there shoud be an option called dmz mode, this basically forwards all ports and the computer is open to the internet, set both pcs in this mode if you can, if not just whatevere one you want, remember this will make the pc vulnerable

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    ok thanks.

    in dmz host selection method it options

    Manual or Network Computer List

    which one do i select?

    Oh can i do the other computer from mine or do i have to get on the other and do it like it do mine.


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