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Thread: Using BT whilst at university?

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    I've heard that the university I will be going to, Durham (England not USA), seem to block everything. I was just wondering, has anyone used BT whilst at university? And if so, how did they get around any resitrictions imposed?

    I've looked at Torrent Freedom and thought of limiting the download speed to say 30kB/s for files which will not be big so I don't get targeted for excessive bandwidth. I know there will be much more to life at university than BT but I have many private tracker accounts and do not want them pruned!

    I have to live in college (like Oxford and Cambridge) in my first year but can move out in my second year, which I might do depending on expenses, because a street near my particular teaching department, has an exchange. I'll be forking out a fair bit to live there but the exchange is within 200m so I'll get 20Mb.

    If I have to visit the tracker sites just to stop them being pruned I'll do it. Just have to make sure I won't get banned from using another IP address, given that my torrents are on my desktop and I'll switch it off before going to university and then use my laptop lightly.

    Any help will be greatfully appreciated!

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    Get a seedbox. Your situation is what they were intended for in the first place: Bandwidth throttling. There are plenty of fairly cheap options that even a college student can afford like Also, making some friends and having them split the bill with you is also a great way to make the price more affordable.


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