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Thread: To be anonymous or not to be, that is the privacy question

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    STANFORD, Calif.-- "Life was so simple before the Internet came along.

    We could live our lives in relative obscurity, renting porn at the video store, checking out books on VD at the library, and consorting with all sorts of miscreants at dive bars, or worse, Celine Dion concerts.

    Now, our moves, thoughts, transactions, and romantic tendencies are out on the Internet for everyone to see. You're in a silly costume at a party in a Facebook photo when you called in sick from work. Now you are captured on Google Maps Street View climbing over a neighbor's fence. And then there was that Web search you did with the keywords "torture" and "kittens." Where does it stop? Should it stop? Do we even care?

    "A total surveillance is not only inevitable and irreversible, but also irresistible," Jeff Jonas, distinguished engineer and chief scientist at IBM Entity Analytics, said during a panel on surveillance at a Legal Futures Conference here on Saturday." -Posted by Elinor Mills

    Source: Full Article @ C|Net NewsBlog
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    Well nobody is forced to use google, facebook or myspace...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyokushin View Post
    Well nobody is forced to use google, facebook or myspace...

    Obviously. Yet we still do.


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    boooooo stanford sucks, go bears

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    Good Post very informative.

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    If you don't do anything wrong I don't see why it would be harmfull.
    Anyway ... use appropriate security measures against that can't of 'big-brother'-stuff if you don't want your private life all over the internet.

    problem is most people don't have aclue when it comes to security.


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