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Thread: ScT GiveAway!

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    Feb 2008
    I'll see if someone realy deserve it,
    you are welcome to tell me why.


    I want speedteest and ratio proofs-lots...

    btw i'm looking for SCL invite(no trading!).

    FST - we are a giving community!

    (You're more than welcome to add it to your signature)^^^^
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    can i please have it?
    I have been looking for sct for a very long time :-s
    I would really apreciate if you can give it to me

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    There are people that deserve it more than i do so.. I'm steeping back
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    Happy to be at last

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    Jun 2007
    I am interested i got 4 seed box on private rack

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    Can I have a invite for ScT?
    I really want to get invite for Sct!! Please.
    My Internet speed is very fast and my computer works during 24 hours.

    My ratio




    My Speed Test
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    can have sct invite pls i love sct pls man
    know ScT is a great tracker and has great content and really fast speeds so i would love to be a member there. And i know my connection speed isn't the greatest in the world but i know how to build a ratio! Although it takes time and effort by downloading a part of the file and seeding it when the torrent comes out and i'm willing to take the time and do this, i will also consider donating to the site when i have the money hehe.
    Anyways it would be great if you can consider giving the ScT to me, but even if you don't give it to me i have to say PROPS TO YOU!!! This is a GREAT giveaway and you are a great great guy


    Speed Test:
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    popcop u have a pm in ur box..

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