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Thread: 2 TT invites to giveaway.

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    I'm giving away 2 invites to TranceTraffic.

    Whats the catch?

    I want you to explain, [*]Why you require the invite. [*]What music genre you are into, [*]Who your favourite DJ's are and why. [*]What type of audio quality you like and why.

    These invites are hard to get, and i only want them to go to people that really require them for their own use, and not to go to traders or other asswipes.

    Please dont pm me offering anything in return - i dont trade these invites. I will delete any pms, and take note of your name and will not entertain your posts.

    The better the explanation, the better chance you have of receiving a invite.
    I will decide who gets the invites and i will pm you for proofs of ratios.

    Good luck.

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    that's great giveaway dude

    make sure u will invite the right users

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    very nice to share TT with Fst members-very hard to come by

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    Congrats with the 50GB upload credit and 2 invites m8 hehe

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    Why I require it: I love Trance, it's the best... EVER. I recently bought a 50 pack of blank CD's that I intend to fill up.
    Music Genre: I'm mostly into house and electrical.
    Fav DJ: Armin Van Buuren becuase his style of mixing makes me feel excited and pumped up.
    Quality: I really like FLAC becuase the music sounds so clear but really any type of rip suites me as long as their is no noise in the music.
    o hai

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    [*]Why you require the invite.

    For personal Use thats for sure like all who want it I say "i like trance music" and I consider myself a Music Addict

    [*]What music genre you are into,

    Trance , techno , minimal , electro ,progressive

    [*]Who your favourite DJ's are and why.

    Armin van Buuren - best trance mixes ever
    Markus Schulz
    Ferry Corsten
    Carl Cox
    MatT Darey
    Above and Beyond
    Andy Moor

    [*]What type of audio quality you like and why.

    VBRkbps,320kbit,FLAC ---> JUST BECAUSE THIS ARE THE BEST ! and I like the best quality in my 5.1 sound system and in my car !

    I`m been looking for TT like 7 months , but no result i have friends but nobody has 50 weeks yet and they can`t invite me !
    Active person on many forums ! I`ll try to help/improve the community there !

    I wish to find there some tektonik music cuz i`m interested in it !

    If you count me in and send me a PM will show proofs on trackers
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    Well I'm a huge fan of music , I adore trances , I killed every one I knew to get waffles and what cd , so that I can enjoy downloading music , My HD is 160 GB , 65 Gb are totally music , so I guess I really would like having tt , it's not about the tracker level , I'm not in for a trade at all , but it's a tracker with every thing you seek in trances , I love it !! I'm not a ratio like person , I don't make huge ratios but I keep over 1.3 ratio in what ever tracker I'm in , including Sct and Iplay black cats , and waffles . Hope I can get that invite , for me it's just a dream which I request , what ever I got it or not hope that the one who gets it really loves Music , cause this tracker shouldn't ever be in the hands of a trader !! Only People with high taste . thanks any ways . Good Luck every one .

    My Favorite Dj is : Armin van Buuren , David Geueta , I also like Gigi D'agostini
    My Favorite Format : Flac Crystal Clear!!

    I can provide ratios and proofs of My trackers . Good luck
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    Fuck Me ... I'm Famous Please don't Pm me for any sort of invites . Thanks

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    I would like an invite because I'm really starting to get into Drum n' bass stuff after I heard a couple of friends playing it a few weeks ago and I've always like industrial style music, as I've listened to NiN on and off for the past few years but I'm starting to get into drum n' bass music, right now I can only think of a few DJ's and groups I like and they are NIN, Pendulm, DJ Quicksilver and DJ Grooverider and as for quailty I perfer just about anyone dosen't really matter to me
    I fap because I must!

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    Can Ihave One Plz Its my Big Dream My Fr

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    wow...TT Giveaway! i cant believe!!
    pls consider me too on this giveaway
    i really looking for a long time to get a invite.. but no luck for me
    i love trance music so much! and i want to be part of this comunity!!
    my favourite dj is Armin Van Buuren.. but i like tiesto ,paul van dyk,atb,sasha,carl cox,deep fish,john digweed ..the list is hudge!!

    pls consider me !
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    I wish to join FTN comunity!If you need help dont hezitate to contact me!


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