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Thread: Hp vs15

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    I have the hp monitor and for some reason the monitor begind tyo flicker and then it just shuts off.I updated the nvidia drivers jst in case and it still happens.I have windows vista.

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    Does it completely shut of, or go into standby?
    Remember, sometimes these problems can be something as simple as the cable in the back of the monitor being loose...

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    i have checked thecables and there all fine..the monitor doesnt power down but the screen goes black

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    Does it happen while doing anything specific? gaming, idling, etc? and does Vista report an error for it?
    Check in the event viewer, which is accessible though the control panel under administrative tools, or by typing "evetvwr.msc" into Run.

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    HP vs15 eh, I had the vs19 for awhile and it died on me a few months back. It made a fairly noticeable but faint buzzing noise and eventually just wouldn't turn of one day. Hopefully this isn't the case, do you hear any faint buzzing at all?

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    yes i do hear a little buzzing and it happene randonmly


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