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  • TvTorrents

    22 19.64%
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    27 24.11%
  • The Box

    10 8.93%
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    35 31.25%
  • Other

    18 16.07%
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Thread: tv trackers

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    Poster BT Rep: +2
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    Mar 2007
    where do you go for your tv fix.

  2. BitTorrent   -   #2
    Nemrod's Avatar Buffering my life BT Rep: +45BT Rep +45BT Rep +45BT Rep +45BT Rep +45BT Rep +45BT Rep +45BT Rep +45BT Rep +45
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    Oct 2007
    1,562 first, and if there is not what Im looking for I go to S*T, or any 0days tracker, Im using BitMeTV only for 1 or 2 series because its hard seed back.

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    Sanka113's Avatar Bobsled King BT Rep: +25BT Rep +25BT Rep +25BT Rep +25BT Rep +25
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    Dec 2007
    We'll at least there's more options than just bmtv and the tvtorrents. Ultimately this will probably turn into another BMTV versus and again though.
    See ya in another life, brother.

  4. BitTorrent   -   #4
    The best TV tracker is BitMeTV (if we only talk about the tracker)

  5. BitTorrent   -   #5
    fortunefaded's Avatar Poster BT Rep: +14BT Rep +14BT Rep +14
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    Nov 2006
    BitmeTV is just awesome!

  6. BitTorrent   -   #6
    Adama's Avatar Xtreme User BT Rep: +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100
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    Oct 2007
    BitMeTV and also is a great tracker

  7. BitTorrent   -   #7
    binocular's Avatar Poster BT Rep: +3
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    Jan 2008
    Same as yours
    As for the content or something else, most of the people would tell you BMTV is the best ever.
    But has been good enough for me.

  8. BitTorrent   -   #8
    tusks's Avatar \(_o)/ BT Rep: +1
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    Nov 2007
    TvTorrents is well seeded and it's really easy to keep a good ratio there so I'm happy with it and you even get used to the interface after a while. I don't really need BitmeTV anyways because I'm not a hardcore TV guy. And I'm not Romanian so I don't need I'd also like to know why BitmeTV is so sought after. Is it pretimes, content or speed? Please explain. If it's "community", i'll be severely disappointed.

  9. BitTorrent   -   #9
    I use mostly. I love the freeleech packs, or some 0day trackers. Bitmetv has decent content but its a bitch to seedback so my account collects dust mostly. I don't wanna pay for a seedbox and p2l is against my religion. Donating to good trackers is very cool with me though.

  10. BitTorrent   -   #10
    ShadowsServant's Avatar Tomato BT Rep: +16BT Rep +16BT Rep +16BT Rep +16
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    Nov 2007
    A combination, and BitmeTv is the way to go. That way you get everything you want and keep a good ratio.
    I say it should depend on the user: his connection and his preferences. Everyone should find out for themselves. It's the best way to see what suits you the most.
    What does it for someone might not cut it for an other.

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