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Thread: What's the best electronic music tracker?

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    I'd like to know which is the best electronic music tracker. The one with best pretime, scene releases, etc.

    The ones I've found until now don't impress me for now.

    Thank you very much!

  2. BitTorrent   -   #2
    Elektronik i guess ..

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    TR...Maybe TT too.What and Waffles also carry lots of content.Also Filemp3 and StM are pretty amazing. Loadsa house, tech house, minimal..
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    TT rules!!
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    Don't know which one is TR...
    STM and FileMP3 are good but not good enough... also maintaining a good ratio at filemp3 is difficult

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    barakokula's Avatar hard to thrill BT Rep: +1
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    depends what electronic music are you after. But if you like mixes,try . Big selection and it's easy to maintain a ratio.

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    TT and Elektronik maybe TR

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    stmusic is good i think

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    Well I guess that it's Elektronik .

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