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Thread: Tcpa: Spread The Word

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    I don't want to look like a spammer, but I want to inform you of the very real threat presented by the Trusted Computing Platform Alliance (TCPA). If you don't know what it is, then read this:

    ---Boycott the TCPA!----

    TCPA stands for the Trusted Computing Platform Alliance, an initiative led by Intel. Their stated goal is `a new computing platform for the next century that will provide for improved trust in the PC platform.' Palladium is software that Microsoft says it plans to incorporate in future versions of Windows; it will build on the TCPA hardware, and will add some extra features.

    TCPA / Palladium will make it much harder for you to run unlicensed software. Pirate software can be detected and deleted remotely. It will also make it easier for people to rent software rather than buying it; and if you stop paying the rent, then NOT ONLY DOES THE SOFTWARE STOP WORKING BUT SO MAY THE FILES IT CREATED. For years, Bill Gates has dreamed of finding a way to make the Chinese pay for software: Palladium could be the answer to his prayer. THE TCPA IS A FAR MORE DIRE THREAT TO FILESHARING THAN THE RIAA AND MPAA COMBINED!

    What YOU can do:

    --> Visit

    --> Go to My Kazaa (or My Kazaa Lite K++, depending on your version). Select any software you might have and right-click on them. When the context menu pops up, select "Edit Details..." At the More Options Properties dialog box, click on the "More" tab, and in the description box, paste this message in.

    --> Go to the search section of Kazaa and click on "Software." Search for a popular app, such as Photoshop, and send this message to the users sharing the app.

    --> Share the TCPA text file.

    File: TCPA.txt
    Length: 42044 Bytes, 41KB

    --> IM other users about this and request that they share this message with others.
    For those who know about DRM, Palladium, and the TCPA, I hope that you will share this info with others, because the TCPA is just as real a threat as the RIAA/MPAA, yet seems to be largely ignored or scoffed at by the general public. I'm just a humble K-Lite user that is, now that I've learned of it, trying to inform others of this threat, and not some flamer trying to scare others.

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    the thing about tcpa is that it may be integrated into windows

    however, people do not necessarily have to upgrade windows

    therefore, tcpa might only affect those who use a tcpa-based windows version

    however, i do agree tcpa is a very real threat for the future...if it is implemented anyway
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    Well, please share this message (the one inside the QUOTE box) with others by doing what it suggests, ie put it in the your files&#39; descriptions, download tcpa.txt, etc.

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    i beleive palladium will be in win longhorn

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    this is gonna be aimed more at the server market at the momment im guessing.

    I dont think m&#036; would implement this for home users just yet since many people would move to linux.

    intel are not the only cpu makers out there as well. amd would have a great time if intel forced this onto there customers.

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    Last time I checked AMD was in on this too. I have no sources to verify this right now so I could be totally wrong, but if if both of them are in on this evil then things aren&#39;t looking too good.

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    Well then, fuck Microsoft. Longhorn looks like shit anyway, and XP isn&#39;t much better, unless you have one beast of a computer, and if you, get Linux, since it &#39;ll make much more sense out of your beasty little item.

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    Microsoft will integrate this, most likely, into its Enterprise systems (For &#39;Secure&#39; computing). It will probably not be put into Longhorn.


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