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Thread: (Request) RevTT invite

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    Gosh! I don't know whats happening on RevolutionTT. I won some time ago one invite via "givaway". But i never recieved this invite to my mailbox The person who gave it away showd me proof also that he sent this invite and he lost that. I heard a lot that there is something strange going on with invite system on RevTT. I even checked my SPAM section of my mailbox, but there was no invites. Well, i don'tknow was it true or not. It is not so important wright now. I am still looking for one invite.

    Please! I really need it. I don't want to use somebody elses account. I want to create my own account via invite.

    Thank you!

    N.B. I recieved the invite via other threads now and will close this thread of mine.
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