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Thread: [Req] spanish tracker invites - dvdquorum,, hd-t,animersion

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    If anyone has some invitations for any of these trackers, or any other good spanish language based private tracker, please spare one for me!

    my speed, ratio proof

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    Well, I almost donīt use them because the speeds usually suck, but sometimes I find interesting things.
    In my opinion the fastest are DVDQuroum and BT-Arg, the first is just re-opening.
    Right now I only have 1 invite for HunterBT, itīs a good site, I like it, but I have to say before you accept it that speeds are usually bad. If you are OK knowing that donwload a DVD takes about 3, 4 or more days, then just PM your e-mail.
    The forums are good for practicing language.

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    i have trackerX invite, pm your mail


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