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Thread: Bad Seeder Turned Good/Greed of TorrentLeech

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    Just wanted to share my story with you guys

    Bad Seeder

    Ok, I've been with TL from the very beginning. I signed up on a whim and I never would have thought the tracker would become so popular... Anyway, I was still a n00b and the concept of "ratio" was foreign to me. Also, I had a download speed of 900 KB/s but my upload was only 60 KB/s. So, as you may guess I didn't manage my ratio well and soon found myself facing a ban if I didn't pull it up in 5 days.

    Donated to Torrentleech
    I knew I couldn't get my ratio up in just 5 days so I decided to donate and become a VIP user. And I'll admit it, I was bad seeder, so even after the donation I didn't seed like I should have and I would hit and run constantly.

    Usenet Rocks!
    My 3 months of VIP was running out and I was about to donate again, but around that time I found out about Usenet. Usenet has more content than any BT tracker and I could leech all I wanted at full speed with no penalties and get content even before BitTorrent trackers! So, I didn't buy another VIP and got a Giganews account instead.

    Greedy Torrentleech
    Now, here's the interesting part and it shows the greed of TL. After 5 days of warning passed I got a message in my inbox that said something like:

    "Your warning has been lifted, please be on your best behavior from now on"

    And I thought, wow that's cool of them to give me a second chance. However, 5 days later I got two messages:

    "Warning you have 5 days to meet the minimum ratio requirement or you will be banned"

    and right after that I got the other message right away, it said something like:

    "Your warning has been lifted, please be on your best behavior from now on"

    Every 5 days I would get those 2 same messages for more than a year! So, do you get it? I donated to TL ONE TIME but they made me virtually IMMUNE TO BANNING all in hopes that I might someday donate money again! Wow, that's greedy.

    Happy Ending
    3 months ago I switched to an ISP with a better upload speed (fiber optic FTW) and I started taking my downloads from Usenet and using them to seed Torrentleech torrents. In this way I uploaded over 300 GB and went from a ratio of 0.06 to 2.15!

    Recently I traded my account to a guy who really wanted to get into Torrentleech, he gave me AND!

    So, yea hopefully you got some amusement out of that.

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    That's a very interesting story. Its good that you ended up raising you ratio by seeding. I personally don't believe in trading, but to each their own.

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    find good seeder, and pm him your tl acc(pass)and he can seed for you then you can dl before you ban


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