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Thread: Giveaway

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    Have a couple of things to giveaway
    1. 1 Czone account
    2. 1 Bitmetv invite
    3. Bunch of Btgamer invites

    1. For Czone and bitmetv I need 2 ratio proofs and a speedtest
    2. No PMs
    3. You can't be a trader or cheater, I will check

    Good Luck To Everyone

    p.s. I had a czone account giveaway earlier but due to a family emergency I never gave it away

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    good give away,hope everybody own they want tracker,My English is not good.haha.

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    hi there mate !!
    By the way really great giveaway U are an nice man
    As i think u already know i have made a topic about my bitmetv acc vip with gb s of buffer which has been stolen and never come back to me
    bitmetv staff was very suspicious and never gave me an conclusive answer
    Look at my thread to see yourself :

    I hope u can understand me mate .. i m really desperate for it ..
    I like tv shows a lot ,lost 4400,the apprentice and many others
    It would be like a dream if u pic me ..
    ratio proofs :


    thanks in advance

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    Great giveaway man, will really appreciate a bitmetv invite if that's possible.
    As I am currently using 0 days trackers to download TV shows, i find it realyl difficult to locate some older shows that i like.
    Heard bmtv is the best and that everything that has ever been aired can be found there... LOL!

    Spoiler: Show

    Thanks again for the giveaway!

    here are the proofs:
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    Nice giveaway, i would love to be apart of BitmeTV, one of the great community around. I hear great things about it, even with the writers's strike, according to the members, the place seems more alive than ever.

    PMed you proofs & good luck to everyone

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    Nice and great giveaaway

    I'm a small trader
    After SCT

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    Well, here's my try.

    Speed Test





    Good luck everyone!


    If possible i would like the BitMeTV.

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    I want bitmetv; it is a good tv tracker i think...


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