G-Force Give Away

(10) LearnBits Invite - Tell my why you want this, as i have had a few users let me down here in the past.

(5) MMA Tracker Invites - Best tracker on the net for MMA, Boxing, Other Martial Arts.

(20) Full Contact Zone Invites - Great for Dangerous Sports (Nascar, Boxing, Wrestling, Ufc, Fight Clubs etc)

(99) Diwana invites - The best tracker on the net for Aussie/Nz content.

(3) PWT Invite - The Internet's largest wrestling dedicated tracker (includes some MMA) - Tell my why you want this. PWT are becoming very strict on invitees and i need to be assured i will not be screwed around.

(6) Torrent Damage - 0 Day Tracker

(0) SCC invites - 0 Day Tracker

(5) AussieTorrents invites

(2) XWT Invites

PLEASE READ! Do not respond to this thread without reading the rules!:

Just PM me 2 ratio screenshots with today's date + your email.

Must have contributed to FST in someway before.

Must have over 50 posts.