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Thread: How To Use Flash Update For Bios?

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    Can I use a cd rom for a bios flash update? I don't have a floppy installed.

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    No! The bios is written to run from floppy. You want minimal activity in the system when you flash. If you start trying to load CD rom drivers and things and a crash occurs, it would mean the end of your BIOS. Floppy drives only cost $5 to $25 anyway. Isn't your system worth it?

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    Thank man,

    I spent about 8 hrs trying to folder dive in my system cd rom for the bin, and said f it, then i just copied it to a floppy at work and like 2 secs it was back, that bytes. bad...

    So now I know. thanks again though, I will probly have more in the future...


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