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Thread: Brief Description Of All Quality Categories

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    isn't there some kind of website on quality categories. i read one one time and can't seem to find it. it tells you what a dvd rip is and telesync and a screener and a vhs rip and a centropy. what's a website that gives you info on those?

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    is that what you want?
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    no it&#39;s like this.

    Telesync - A brief description of what a telesync movie is. What kind of quality it is and such.

    DVDrip - same as above.

    Vhs rip - same

    screener - same

    get what i mean. i want description of what each of them are. there was a website that people use to give newbs like who didn&#39;t know what telesync&#39;s were and screeners.


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