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Thread: Fast Do You Guys Get On This Bitorrent

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    I Get Nearly 150-200K On Kazaa Lite, Just Wondering how Fast This Thing Went. And how Reliable Is It?!

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    i get 50-60k on kazaa
    50k-60k on bittorrent

    my upload speeds are genrally better on bittorrent than on kazaa

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    upto about 72kbps same on kazaa
    ice ice baby

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    Wise Kvcd Maker/PIMP
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    I get about 70-80 Kb on BT

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    I have seen speeds up to 250 kb/s on BT but that only depends on how many seeds there are.It takes a little while of using BT to figure oput what files you will be able to get a bit faster.
    And as for dependability,BT sites often close down.Sometimes permanently and other times just for a couple of days.At least when you download from there you have little chance of getting fakes.I have yet to find any fakes and I have downloaded more then 100 gigs from BT sites in the past two months.
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