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Thread: Problem using Seedbox on a couple of sites

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    Ok - New to linux and new to torrentflux

    I am running a fed core 6 box with torrentflux 2.3 [toying with switching to b4rt though] and i am having a few little niggles.

    On DigitalHive i cannot use the box as it says "need to login to register the ip"


    Flux doesnt access the site only the tracker - is there anyway around this?

    maybe using the url to grab the torrent :s is there a way to include my login details int the url bar to grab the torrent?

    Or should i just accept that i cannot use DH.

    [by the way this is just one site - a lot of sites with forced AAP cannot be used by me atm which suxxors balls]

    any help is greatly appreciated

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    Use text-based browser like lynx, links or elinks to login to the site. Very simple.

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    Thanks for your response - can i be a pain and ask you to elaborate?

    For example - i login to box via putty - then what?

    Do i need to install lynx? what command is it to login?

    Thank you very much in advance


    Nevermind - i googled lynx and found this , explained all i needed - thanks for the tip
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