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Thread: Urgent help please-vnx viewer error[linux debian box]

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    i bought a box. yesterday morning from rapidswitch..i got OS istallled n box up n running in 2 hours...then i came here for down whole search didnt get a good complete one..i'm totally new.then i got one to set up azureus..i some problems n couldnt complete it today i came back after work..n checked FST its up[still some busy server issues]..but i started with NaQ's tutoriall..everything went fine...but i cant conect to server using VNCviewer..its not giving any errors..failed to connect...the only differnece i got in Putty from the tutorial is given below...

    Below is from tutorial...
    PHP Code:
    vncserver :1
    New 'your.hostname:1 (pirate)' desktop is your.hostname:1
    Starting applications specified in 
    Vnc is running in server on check..anybody got any fix for it..its already 2days..i couldnt still set it up n running..please help
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    Below is what you need to try
    I had the same problem you may have a firewall blocking everything.
    Nags guide helped me a lot
    Nag updates the guide as things come up it's the Best!

    Troubleshoot: Your server might came with a firewall installed, which would block the VNC connection attempt. We'll setup a firewall later in the guide, so for now we can disable this firewall if it exists. To find out, type the following in Putty while login as root to list the filter table of iptables:
    # iptables -t filter -L
    Chain INPUT (policy ACCEPT)
    target prot opt source destination

    Chain FORWARD (policy ACCEPT)
    target prot opt source destination

    Chain OUTPUT (policy ACCEPT)
    target prot opt source destination
    The above output means there is no firewall. If your output has entries under the 3 chains (INPUT, FORWARD, OUTPUT) and/or has more chains, then we'll need to flush the iptables:
    # iptables -F
    List the table again to make sure it's empty. Then try to connect with VNC Viewer again.
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