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Thread: Puddle blog

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    Puddleblog chronicles the epic journey of one puddle, bracing for an uncertain future.

    March 13

    The puddle runs dry.

    + We finally get a kottke link on the same day the puddle runs dry! Coincidence?
    Photos forthcoming.

    March 7

    S.S Puddleblog in calm seas


    S.S. Puddleblog in choppy weather

    February 27

    They were filming something way down the street.


    Dark and Stormy Puddle

    February 26

    More overcast today.

    February 25

    Puddle on a nice day.

    February 22

    Slushy puddle.

    February 19

    February 19

    The puddle on a clear day.

    February 15

    The puddle has almost disappeared!

    February 13

    Itís raining and the puddle is bigger today.

    February 11

    The puddle is frozen today.

    February 7

    No more coat hangers.

    February 2

    The puddle at night, in the rain.

    February 1

    February 1, 2008. Today there were coat hangers in the puddle!!

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    He's so loveable. puddle.

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    nice puddle


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