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Thread: Corrupted Frames

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    I notices that when I use avi-preview it stops when it reaches a corrupted frame. Is there a program that can fix these corrupted frames? Would be nice.



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    K-lite Codec pack has a file that helps that

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    Ill be listening to the answer to this as well, dadoef.

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    Once the file is completed, you can use KCF to redownload the corrupted sections. Also, DatView lets you redownload parts of a file that hasn't completed yet. Both ways depend on the file being perfectly fine for the people that upload to you, but odds are that's the case, especially if you're on 56k.

    Kazaa Corruption Fixer --> Fix any corrupted CD image, archive, or video file you've downloaded with Kazaa.

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    thanks alot guys i had the same problem now i can fix it.


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