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Thread: Whats Riaa?

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    Hi, know1 know what RIAA is? Thanks

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    website sucks? any1 know what they are trying to do with kazaa and kazaa lite? ive seen loads of posts about riaa, but not no what they are trying to do.

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    They are an Organisation In Yankeeland that are trying to sue every1 who shares Music/Movies/Software etc online using peer-to-peer software like kazaa, kazaa-lite, Shareza etc. If you live outside of America i wouldn't be too worried as they ain't got any Juridiction to sue you.

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    Riaa = THE DEVIL

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    A bunch a fucking twats.

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    Recording Industry.

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    Hi, know1 know what RIAA is? Thanks
    Stupid evil greedy idiots is probably a good enough description!!


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