Hi am trading my following torrents sites.
am mainly looking for music tracker's......
Heres some of my ratio's

thedvdclub.org (1) Invite with 5.00 GB
audionews.ru (4) Invite
torrent-damage (2) Invite
hd-bits.ro (1) Invite
Stmusic (1) Invite
funfile (Account) Downloaded 0.00 kB Uploaded 2.00 GB
pisexy.org (Account) Downloaded 0.00 kB Uploaded 0.00 GB
bithq (Account) Uploaded: 0.00 kB Downloaded: 0.00 kB Money: 200 Bitz
gfxnews.ru (Account) UL/DL: 37,45 GB / 11 MB[/size]
thepokerbay (account) Downloaded 0.00 kB Uploaded 0.00 GB

Am looking for Waffles/What.cd
list your offer's.

Please don't pm me and you have nothing