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    2008-03-14 - Important WE did change domain and source cuz we had so many error on the site and things didnt work so well, on the new source everything works well, alll stats will be back and u will get more. double upload is on and freeleech is on, join NOW:

    questions ? pm me on the new site, is our new site.
    After they f*ck up the ScH style now they are going to close it and open another tracker with the same name, but even worst than the last 3 ones.

    See for yourself:

    Congrats for f*cking up the tracker with the BEST style that i have seen in my life (version 1), now congrats for making a new one which is worst than the PB.

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    yes the latest version of sceneheaven ( sucks big time, i dont know what were they thinking...

    "All that is gold does not glitter;all that is long does not last;All that is old does not wither; not all that is over is past..... "

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    Yiikes! ScH v3 looks aweful. Amira,sweetheart what have you done?

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    TS suck

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    hosted on the moon too but other than that, i think its a nice looking site, not based on the same layout as the rest of the sites out there. As for the site its self, unless they really make themselfs known and offer something the rest dont, it wont get any credit.
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    Something tells me that they are probably going to end up closing up completely.

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    far from sun
    for sure

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    Looks promiting but the new version sucks

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    No doubt V1 > V2 > V3 !
    But 'layout' isn't all.

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    Don't think it gonna be a thing

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