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Thread: A Big Thank You To This Community

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    I just want to thank you guys for all the info in here.

    I had no idea how to use newsgroups and after spending a few hours in here reading, I was up and running with NewsDemon and Grabit. I clicked through to make sure you guys got the referral on the NewsDemon signup.

    For any newbies, Grabit is awesome since it unpacks and repairs your downloads.

    I didn't love NewsRover that NewsDemon gave me with the subscription because I had to add the unpacking (using winrar) and repairing (using quickpar) on it's own. Grabit has those functions built in. Great tool.

    Thanks again. I've been downloading like a madman from here and Merlin's Portal since figuring this all out.

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    Its a great community...i lurk mainly but I've learned quite a bit.

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    I'm glad you found the site useful when learning about Newsgroups. We really do have a top notch NZB forum, in my opinion. It's quick to identify what a file is and it's very easy on the eyes. You can clearly see that a lot of people put great effort into keeping it updated, especially the select few that always remain on the top list of NZB posters. It would not be a success if it wasn't for their hard work and persistence. You've taken the next step into the wonderful world of file sharing! Enjoy it...


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