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Thread: woman stuck in toilet after sitting on it for 2 years

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    NESS CITY, Kan. A man should be charged for allowing his girlfriend to sit on their toilet so long that her body became stuck to the seat, the sheriff said Thursday.
    Ness County Sheriff Bryan Whipple was among authorities who discovered the woman last month living in the bathroom of a mobile home she shared with her boyfriend, Kory McFarren.
    "The house was cluttered but not in shambles," he said. "The smell was overpowering a terrible smell about the house, obviously coming from where she was at."
    McFarren, 36, told police his girlfriend, Pam Babcock, 35, had a phobia about leaving the bathroom and may not have left the bathroom in two years, although he's unsure how long she was in there.
    He said during that time, he brought her food, water, and clean clothes.
    "The only thing I am guilty of is I didn't get her help sooner," he told The Associated Press on Thursday.
    The sheriff said that judging by the woman's condition she had open sores on which the toilet seat would stick it appeared she likely sat on the toilet continually for at least a month.
    "She would have to be sleeping on the toilet," the sheriff said.
    Whipple asked the county attorney to charge McFarren for mistreatment of a dependent adult. The prosecutor did not return phone calls seeking comment.
    "The unfortunate thing is this truly is a case of two people, in my opinion, with diminished mental capacity," Whipple said.
    McFarren, who works at an antique store, said he has been taking care of Babcock for the 16 years they have lived together. He insisted that he tried to coax her out of the bathroom every day. The home has a second bathroom.
    McFarren said he finally called police Feb. 27 after he became worried because Babcock was acting groggy, as if she didn't know what was going on around her.
    What emergency responders found when they entered the bathroom has left many in the town of about 1,500 people buzzing and authorities incredulous.
    Whipple said the seat was taken off the toilet so the woman could be transported to the hospital for treatment.
    Doctors at the Wichita hospital told the boyfriend an infection in her legs has damaged her nerves and may leave her in a wheelchair, he said.

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    Heh... I posted the same thing in the $20 fred last week er something.

    The guy involved has to be just as fucked up in the head as she is for going along with the whole ordeal.

    The FST group

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    i laughed so hard when i heard this on the radio the guy has to be frigen nuts
    im just a frigen dreamer and im waiting for them to come true 1. Firm reliance on the integrity, ability, or character of a person or thing.
    2. Custody; care.
    3. Something committed into the care of another; charge.
    4. a. The condition and resulting obligation of having confidence placed in one.
    b. One in which confidence is placed.
    "and Yes people have put trust in me""and i thank you all"

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    Thats insane, If my missus stayed in the bathroom that long, I'd move the hell out ;p

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    This is some crazy shit...get it.."shit"....hahahahahahaahaha

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    This is not even close to being as "funny" as the woman who went for leg surgery and woke up with a new anus

    true story btw

    A German retiree is taking a hospital to court after she went in for a leg operation and got a new anus instead, the Daily Telegraph is reporting.
    The woman woke up to find she had been mixed up with another patient suffering from incontinence who was to have surgery on her sphincter.,2933,339270,00.html
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    shit happens

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    Quote Originally Posted by skishoe View Post
    shit happens
    indeed it does

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    she used to suck shit through her anus

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    How could anyone sit on the jaxx continually for a month LMAO... I have a pain in the ass right now and I'm only sittin here with the lappy for just over an hour lol
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