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Thread: boxtorrents help

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    so I downloaded fooly cooly via boxtorrents.

    they have up a multi audio

    it says

    directors commentary


    in the torrent.. I just want to hear the dubbed in english portion.. how do I get rid of the other crap?

    also, I'd prefer to just download versions that are dubbed in english.. I'm having a hard time figuring out how this site works.. some of them don't say anything about the audio in them.

    anybody can offer a little help?

    nevermind.. I figured out how to do it with virtualdub.
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    Well, thanks for letting us know you won't be able to help seed the version you got since you "destroyed" the files.

    One thing about box tho - you are very unlikely to find any series with only English audio. Two speaker-icons beside the name = multiple audio tracks.

    Personally I don't really care if there are more audio-tracks than one (I can very much live without the English tracks tho). I prefer to keep the releases intact, more whole copies = faster download if people share.


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