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Thread: How To Add A Subtitle To A Vcd/svcd The Easy Way

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    This is a easy way to encode a movie with a subtitle to a vcd/svcd instead of using frameserving with Virtual Dub.
    NOTE:The subtitle have to be in .srt format,if it isnīt then you can convert the subtitle with "Subresync" which is included in Vobsub.

    Programs needed:


    Just put the subtitle and your movie in the same folder and then rename the movie and the subtitle to the same filename example:

    And then open TMPGEnc and go to
    "Options-->Evironmental settings-->VFAPI plug-in" and set "DirectShow Multimedia File Reader" to the highest priority by righclicking and click higher priority.

    Then just encode the movie as normal,you can also change the size of subtitles,color and put shades on it by open Vobsub before you encode to get the desired subtitle settings.

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    I guess thats a nice little tutorial


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