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Thread: Tip For When Board Is Going To Give Error.

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    and the board hangs (usually around 2 minutes past the hour due to whatever task the board software is running), quickly use the Copy function to save your post, because when the page eventually changes to the Error page, or the Too Many Connections page and then you click Back on your browser, your post will be gone and you'll have to re-write it otherwise. You can tell when the error page is going to come up most of the time because it seems to freeze on the posting page for a little bit.

    I've been doing this for a while, but just realised i should mention it.

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    Another tip.Open kazaalite and start to download a file in this time even the board give error for me works .

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    I found out that it is possible to have sex during that time.
    Just barely enough time, I know, but it beats pressing F5 all the time.
    And oh yeah, forget about foreplay, no time for that.

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    don't know about anyone else, but i always copy my post before i submit it
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    Originally posted by 3rd gen noob@4 August 2003 - 19:17
    don&#39;t know about anyone else, but i always copy my post before i submit it
    For me, I feel that such actions are no use, since a great deal of my posts would be better used sitting inside of my skull, without being present on a monitor.

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    If I&#39;m doing a long reply I&#39;ve started writing mine in notepad, then press the Add Reply (or Quote) button, paste it in and press the second Add Reply button. It saves some of those embarrassing times when someone posts in between and your post doesn&#39;t make sense any more. Tends to stop the double posts too.
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