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Thread: Different types of P2p

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    Hi I was going through the forums and I came to hear about Emule.. DC++.. Usenet... soulseek, FTP/HTTP (I have no clue wat that is ) and few others and ii have no clue what it is or how it works.

    What u guys think is the best way for P2p based on contents and speed wise? usenet i heard a lot .. is it free?

    I download lots of movie and use just torrent and rapid links..

    ah any clue which rapid forum is best to find many high definition movies?

    thanks a lot

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    There's quite a few forums out there. FTP is File Transfer Protocol, and it's just a way to share files directly between two computers. HTTP just means rapidshare/megaupload/megashares/etc. links. I have the fastest speeds using Megashares, getting 800-900 kb/s. For torrents, it would be faster, but the ISP here blocks and caps a lot when I try to use uTorrent. are good forums. They have a wide plethora of movies....


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