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Thread: Encoding

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    hi recently i have a problem w/ every movie i encode using tmpgnec. the audio and the video would be great until a certain point where htey get out of sync. I use tmpgnec before to make tons of movies but none had the problem. but the last 5-10 movies i made has. plz help. cuz i realy want to see those movies on my big tv and not a small 17" monitor.

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    7 views and no answer? bump

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    ok ill try and help try using a different program like canopus or mainconcept encoder and see if that works if not i cany not help

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    Ok have you first tried to extract the wave sound file using Virtual Dub and use that wave (uncompressed sound format) file as sound source in TMPGEnc?

    And also scan your movie first for bad frames using Virtual Dub.

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    i did use vdub to extract but havent try scaning for bad frame. ill try that and try using mainconcept to see if it help . thnx for replying

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    damn all you viewer who view this but dont replay. LOL but, does ne one have a answer to my problem.

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    Reason you're not getting many replies is because most of us probably don't know.
    Go to
    Ask at their forums. Their forums are all about fixing problems with encoding, burning DVDs, and much more. Many people at those forums also experience similar audio syncing problems, and there are many posts that may answer your problem. Sorry I couldn't give a direct answer, but hopefully this will lead you to the answer.

    Good Luck


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