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Thread: hosting-ie .. anybody have probs?

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    I have a vps on hosting-ie .. and i've had it for about 3 months. this morning i logged on and my vps had been rebooted.. so is tarted opening back up the programs.. all of them run except for my utorrent.

    has anybody else had problems with this?
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    Don't know the answer to your problem, but it my have something to do with this:

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    Yup, I was going to say the same thing. Seems like you have to rename your process. I'll probably have to do the same once they catch on.

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    I've had a Raptor 5 for about a week now. Everything worked great until yesterday evening where it began to go in slow motion. One minute on the server clock takes about two minutes. I deinstalled utorrent, rebooted but no change. Anybody have similar problems?

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    Rabtor 5 is not for torrent
    go change them to Rabtor Plus ones, the price is nearly the same and you won't get that cracks on it.
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