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Thread: Running Os Off Slave Hd

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    Hey, I was trying to boot my friend harddrive as a slave on my computer to transfer his files to my harddrive. it wouldnt let me get into his applications due to him having a password we think. is there any way we can disable the password from MY computer? or can we just boot off of his as a slave? or would we have to install the harddrive onto my memory and stuff? Thanx.

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    im not entirely positive but i dont think u can boot the os from a slave drive it has to be the master

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    we tried to run it as the primary HD and it was going to make us format it and install it and stuff.....

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    change ya boot order in ya bios to boot from his drive inst of yours and disable boot from other devices

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    sounds the way this is truplaya4jews at his house lol
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    By your self a couple of Network cards they are only AU$8. At least you wont be worried about wiping the hdd. And plus everypc must have a network card IMO


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