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Thread: Books That Helped You To Improve

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    name a book(s), from which you really learned a lot,could be psychological ,economic,sports..... whatever

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    Every book i read helps me a lot!

    With every book, my vocabulary and my grammer seems to improve...

    I love biographies though.....i read Frank and Malachy McCourt's books, Dave Peltzer's series and Billy Connolly's....

    they taught me that everyone can have problems, a really bad start in life, but it's YOU who decides what you do with your life and how to live it.

    you can overcome any problems and barriers if you think you can.

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    The Science of Discworld

    Very interesting... the Discworld bits break up the serious stuff well, and the serious stuff is actually interesting.

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    Alcoholics Anonoymous and any by Andrew Vachss. They changed my life.
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