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Thread: Swap Magic

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    I don't want to deal with all those soldering wires and crap. Does Swap Magic work excellent?

    By the way , it a PS2 Boot Disc if no one knows. Also, where can I get it?

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    Swap Magic is a pressed boot disc that boots the ps2 when used with a using a flip top case.You still use the tray for regular games and dvd's but using this method bypasses the sony verifacation does not play ripped games,only copies cd and dvd based games.

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    It doesn't really need to work with just a flip-top case. It can also work with a no-solder mod-chip or a cog-knife, but I don't know if the cog-knife works well.

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    There is a file called "PSX boot disk" at but I dont know if it works cause I have no playstation.


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