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Thread: Where Is The Best Site To Leanr All About Comps

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    I mean all the stuff . I have been useing a computer for 3 years and still dunno how to make a danm website or configure my connection right. I tryed and they only talk about there stuff.

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    my brother learned by nicking other peoples code then playing with, now hes proper good

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    yes i'm a computer newbie , I ve used all my time to play games and talk in forums and now I want to learn how to really use computer the professional ashamed......................

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    read around in hardware world for a start...youll pick stuff up without realising.

    and for the websites, start with M$ Frontpage (or even word) and do a nice simple html doc....then look at the code; youll see there isnt too much to it, then try to do your own in notepad...its dead easy. once you feel a little more confident with tags etc, get Dreamweaver and go to for a good guide

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