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Thread: Help me find Lenny please

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    Sorry for creating a thread not directly related to BT discussion. Can someone please help me find the movie Lenny (1974) based on the life of Lenny Bruce.

    Its there on KG but there's only 1 seed and I need it within the next 18 hours to screen it for a project about censorship. The public trackers have some copies but they're seedless or dubbed in Italian.

    Also I remember there was a thread just for posting requests like this. I searched around but couldn't find it. Is there any forum dedicated to this purpose (where you can request for something and members help you find it on private trackers). Is it allowed to post such requests here?

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    For a minute there I thought you were looking for your friend Lenny(This is the Interwebz). I was about to say.. what an imp(For that one). Lenny? Try Mininova or Cinema Obscura.

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    Didn't Think So!

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    @grimms Mininova has a seedless and an Italian copy. I dont have a Cinema Obscura account so cant check there.

    @Mrluvaluva I had seen that link while googling for the movie earlier. However its a VHSrip and I'm looking for the DVDRip coz I have to screen it on a projector and I dont think a VHSRip would look or sound good. If there was no alternative I'd go for it, but I'm still hopeful I can find a DVDRip some place.

    Thanks for the help. Anyone else with a suggestion?

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    try a local video store. you shouldnt depend on bittorrent for something thats this important to you

    but if it's really that rare that it's not at a store, then the vhs rip sounds better than nothing, right?

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