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Thread: When I Try To Install Ea Games

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    i tried installing fifa 2003 and sim sity 4, both real cd images and i did it by the means of extracing the files to my drive and into one folder and running setup like that...the thing is that the installation restarted my pc at around 30-40% on not sure if i need to burn the images and when the first cd installed, the pc restarts and wen it turn it on i need to finish with cd 2(both games had 2 cds)...i dont know what to do....please help i really want to play both of thoes games

    i can get a fifa rip easy but does any know where i can possbily get a sim city 4 rip? or what size it is?

    thanks everyone

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    My comp used to do that alot? Sometimes just restarted for nothing. It may be a firewall problem. Don't know???

    by the way, where did you get that FIFA ripped?

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    thers a myth rip on w*

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    Maybe we can try and fix this restarting problem, what OS are you running kms1357?

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    This may be way too obvious but if it crashes at around 40% and then when you restart asks for CD 2, could it not have something to do with that. I would try mounting and see if you get the same problem. Just thought I would pose that before we get into drivers and everything else with a fine toothed comb.


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