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Thread: Question about NewsDemon speeds

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    Hey guys,

    In the past 24 hours my speeds through NewsDemon (using grabit) have gone down from 2500 KB/s to 450 KB/s. It's a huge drop. I've tried the European server and that had good speeds last night, but now it's giving me the slower ones.

    I had some torrents running this morning and those were getting my usual fast speeds, so I'm not sure it has anything to do with my ISP.

    Anyone have any idea what happened to make my speeds drop to 1/5th of what they were?

    Any ideas on how to fix it?



    To make it even more confusing, I went with the 3 day trial with Giganews just to see if I was getting the same slow speeds through them and instead, my speeds were 2500 Kb/s with them vs. the 450 Kb/s with News Demon.

    Either something is wrong on the NewsDemon end of things or my ISP is capping my connection just to NewsDemon.

    Is that possible?

    It can't be a general ISP problem since Giganews was fast.

    I contacted NewsDemon and they had me change ports, but that didn't change the speed drop in the connection.
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    had the same problem all week m8
    according to theyre customer support it my isp fault
    even though i can d/l from hitnews(free 3 day trial) at 2400 kb/s
    but i am only getting 490 kb/s with newsdemon
    i feel robbed m8
    never going with them again

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    I just canceled my account with them and started my account with Giga.

    Now that I've seen your reply I feel there's definitely some kind of a cap going on with them. It's weird how my speeds through NewsDemon don't even fluctuate. It seems like 472 Kb/s is the magic number from them no matter what server or port you use.

    That's too slow for me.

    It's a shame because the price was right if the speeds were what they started out at.

    I wish I could get a refund on the month, but I know that's not going to happen.

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    I get 8,000 Kb/s with newsdemon, and i am only with them since they offer paypal as a payment method!

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    Quote Originally Posted by myusuf05 View Post
    I get 8,000 Kb/s with newsdemon, and i am only with them since they offer paypal as a payment method!
    Could you tell us what plan you have and what server and ports you're using?

    I was on the 17.99 unlimited plan.


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